I would shake your hand, but this is only my sleeping consciousness that you see. You would not be able to touch me. Although, if I created a disembodied hand from dream-energy… a solidified illusion, perhaps… but would that be disturbing for you? I can never tell exactly where that line is… except inside your mind. Or mine.

My Mind?
Yes. Or mine. Have you ever walked the fine lines that wander in and out of a sleeping mind?

- See Inside (Takes you to Screen 5)

I beg your pardon. My attention… wanders sometimes. Ever since my daughter went missing during her training -- lost inside her nightmares -- I’ve spent most of my energy focusing on a beacon. Calling her back to us. Hoping she’ll hear my voice. She hasn’t answered yet.

After completing the 'Sweet Dreamlands are Made Like This' quest:

I Know Her!
You… you do?! You've seen her, spoken to her? She hasn't become a whisper in the darkness? You've given me hope. I must refocus my efforts upon reaching out to her.

- Dezi's Quest

Location: City of Dreams


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