Refugee from Granemor
The monsters around here are worse than those I left behind… You've never been to Granemor, Hero, but it was home. Maybe one day, we can rebuild it into a mighty fortress. The forests around here reminds me of it, you know? Want to help me get rid of some of the monsters preying on travellers in it?

Need Healing?
I bet you do. We all do. The world has fallen to pieces. Sure, it might look the same to you, but here, there, you'll see people fleeing their homes. It's true Chaos now. No one knows who to trust. Your best friend might be a knife's edge away from selling you out to the Queen's agents.

Hunt Monsters?
There's enough of them around here, fleeing the rift… or fleeing TO the rift. But these don't look like too much trouble for a Hero like you. If you want a REAL challenge, I could always send you to the Void.

The Void?
There are many… probably an infinite number. But I know of a path to one… Warlic said it reminded him of one he’d seen many timelines ago… whatever THAT means.

- Go to the Void

- Dewlok's Quest

Location: The Rift


Thanks to Tris.

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