Desoloth Shall Triumph / Good Shall Triumph / Evil Shall Triumph


«Warlic and Galanoth in Air Storm»

Warlic: For all your claims of besting any dragon one-handed, balance should never be underrated. Not in life, and not in physiology.
Warlic: Let me find you another arm. I cannot re-create the original, but a replica of it…

Galanoth: I trust in Lore and in myself. If I am to have another arm, I will take it one-handed! Perhaps from a dragon?
Galanoth: That'd be a sight, eh? The dragon-armed DragonSlayer? Or perhaps something newfangled, mechanical.

Warlic: You've never been partial to copper and bolts, my friend.

Galanoth: I will do what I must with what I have. So will you. It's what we do.
Galanoth: If a new arm is to be mine, so be it. Until then, let my opponents underestimate me!

«Galanoth slashes at the air»

«Scene: the Hero in Fire Storm with Omom»

Hero: Little Omom, you know nothing of battle, do you? It's better that way, for you.
Hero: Sometimes I wonder what I would have done in a different life, a quiet life. No battles… no bloodshed.

«Omom hands Hero a fruit»

Hero: Thank you, little one. You should stay away from me, from all of us. Where we're going is no place for you.

«Omom nods and cheers»

Hero: The coming battle is no place for you! Ang'st will want to know you're safe. I do, too.
Hero: You have been a great help to us, Omom, but war is no place for innocent creatures.

«Scene: the Hero jumps up in surprise at the sight of X'dir»

X'dir: And YOU are hardly innocent, <Hero>. Am I wrong?

Hero: YOU!

«The Hero tosses the fruit at X'dir, but misses»

X'dir: Silence! Before you attack, young Hero, learn what it is I have come to offer you.

«Close up of X'dir»

X'dir: You are strong, wise. But most of all… human. My Master realizes your frailties, but also your strengths.
X'dir: He is prepared to overlook your shortcomings in favor of how you may be… useful… to him.

«Scene zooms back out»

X'dir: Think of it, <Hero>. Unimaginable wealth. Power over all of Lore. All you must do is bend knee to my Master.
X'dir: He does not want to fight you, nor extinguish the bright flame of your strength. Do not force his hand.
X'dir: Fight for him, and all will be well.

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