Vampire Lord Trainer
Greetings, mortal I’ve been expecting you for quite some time now. You’ve been listening to those foolish canines again, haven’t you? My, oh my, whatever will we do with such a foolish and uneducated pest such as yourself? Yet, I sense power with you. Maybe there’s hope for you after all.

What is a Vampire Lord?
A being of darkness, the vampire lord reigns supreme over their sanguine servants of the night. When regularly feasting on the blood of a mortal, a vampire lord can live forever, being immortal for such a small price. However, do not show one a mirror. You may not like what you don’t see.

How to get?
To become a Vampire Lord, one must wait until the month of Mogloween (October) when the time for new lycans and vampires rise and travel to /Mystcroft to collect Blood Moon Tokens and trade them in or you may purchase it in the Vampire Lord Class shop for Adventure Coins during Mogloween (October).

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Wizard
Vampire Lords are able to attack multiple enemies at the same time. They harness power given to them by Safari to either claw at your foes quickly with Aspect of the Bat or Gouge them with powerful damage over time. Aspect of the Bat favors ways to strengthen your auto attacks while Gouge favors ways to increase magical damage.

Location: Class Hall C


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