Denying Defeat


«Battle between Dage the Evil's forces and Nulgath's forces»

Dage the Evil: Now, my Legion, NOW!
Nulgath: Pathetic, apprentice. You appeared so much… stronger than you are.

«One of Dage's soldiers casts a spell at the Oblivion Gate»

«Dage the Evil comes up to the soldier, and gives him a kick»

Dage The Evil: Good. The soul-bond took. The Gate is under MY control… for now. But that will be long enough.

«To Dilligaf»

Dilligaf: For the Master! Nation, FORWARD!

«A firewall between the opposing forces»

«To Laken»

Laken: Legion! To me! Fall back through the gate!

«Change scene to the opossing forces around the Oblivion Gate, Nulgath and Dage confronting»

Dage the Evil: It is time to END this.

«Battle continues»

Nulgath: It should never have begun. You are not strong enough to face me and win, apprentice.

Dage the Evil: You don't see my Legion? Every blade they carry, I swing. Every blast they fire, I direct.
Dage the Evil: I AM the Legion, and they are the only weapon I need to finish you.
Dage the Evil: Aren't you?

«Scroll through Dage's Legion, battle continues»

Nulgath: A weak effort, Dage. You disappoint me.

Nulgath: //LEGION!? Betrayal is NOT permitted, apprentince. My army will rise -

«Dage casts a spell at Nulgath, making him go through the Oblivion Gate»

Dage the Evil: Only the weak put faith in trust. I rely on power … And the powerful make sure plans work as intended.
Dage the Evil: Let the Archfiend frolic in the sunshine and fields… The Underworld is MINE!

«Nulgath, through the Oblivion Gate»

Nulgath: I did not foresee… this. My plans will have to change.
Nulgath: But I believe Dage has given me an unexpected gift. This place… will be perfect for what comes next.

«Scene fades»

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