Defying Death


The 13th Lord of Chaos confronted Drakath after attacking lands across Lore.

«Drakath flies above Mount Doomskull, the Eternal Dragon of Time's soul in his hand.»

Drakath: Here's a plot twist…

«Close up of Drakath.»

Drakath: I WIN.


«SFX: Music starts playing»
«Drakath crushes the soul and kills Eternal Dragon of Time, sending its soul to the Underworld with Death»
«The Chaos Eye appears through Chaos Portal, and the Chaos Realm begins flowing to our realm»
«Scene changes to Shadowfall - Gravelyn and Dage the Evil are present in front of an army.»

Dage: The hero has is dead. The Chaos Portal is open and the armies are marching on us.

Random Skeleton: We should prepare defenses!

Gravelyn: We are not scared nor weak. We do not DEFEND.
Gravelyn: we are the ShadowScythe. WE ATTACK!

«Close up of Gravelyn.»

Gravelyn: I will have my revenge on Drakath for killing my father.
Gravelyn: It is time for this undead dragon castle to fly again!

«Scene fades.»
«Scene changes to the Underworld - the glowing yellow orb that is the Eternal Dragon of Time transforms into the Hero. Death stands by.»

Death: Welcome to the Underworld.

Hero: I'm ready to respawn.

Death: Sorry, not this time.
…You're dead dead.

Hero: What?

Death: Enjoy your stay!

Hero: Sorry, Death. We had a deal, and I don't have time to bargain. I'm getting OUT of here!

«Scene fades.»

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