Defend the Castle


«Scene: Brentan stands with two Pactagonal Knights next to a pile of Infernal armor.»

Victoria: Brentan?! What's going on here?

«Screen zooms out to show Tara, Warlic, and Victoria.»

Lord Brentan: Victoria! Where did you come from?

Victoria: Tara asked Warlic to summon me here. She says…
Victoria: She says you think you can stop the invasion by using Infernals as a weapon?

Lord Brentan: And Infernal armor to protect ourselves.
Lord Brentan: It's the obvious solution, isn't it? To be honest, I'm surprised no one had thought of it before!

Tara: No! It's not!
Tara: Victoria, they took my ring! They're trying to… reprogram it, so that it will control demons instead of dragons.
Tara: You didn't even ask me! Were you even going to let me be the one to use it?

Lord Brentan: Tara… it isn't safe! How I can protect you if we put you in the line of danger?

Tara: God! I'm not a kid anymore! I should be fighting with you!

Victoria: You know what - it doesn't matter, because this is NOT how Swordhaven is going to handle this situation.

«Screen zooms in on Victoria.»

Victoria: We need to get our citizens ready to evacuate.
Victoria: The fortifications will help us hold our ground until we get everyone out, but our priority is keeping the people safe.

Lord Brentan: Hold on just a second. Who are you to come in and try to dictate how this will handled?

Victoria: Who am I? I am Alteon's eldest heir! It is my right!
Victoria: I've never had aspirations to the throne, and I'm happy to let other people have that power.
Victoria: But no way am I going to sit back and let the people of Swordhaven suffer under misguided leadership.

Lord Brentan: You should have been here, then. You abandoned Swordhaven, while I've been here, looking after the citizens.

Victoria: I have abandoned no one!
Victoria: I've been fighting to stop this invasion before it ever GOT here!
Victoria: And let me tell you, we are not prepared. If we stay and fight, our people will die.

Lord Brentan: Not if we use their own power and armor against them!

Victoria: Look, even if I thought that was a good idea - it won't be enough.
Victoria: We need to fall back, gather allies, and then attack with our combined strength.

«Victoria and Brentan look up.»

Lord Brentan: They're here.
Lord Brentan: It's too soon! We're not ready yet!

Victoria: Everyone, get ready to defend the castle! We have to hold them off until help arrives!

«Scene fades.»

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