Defeating the Undead Army


«Scene: Hero and Warlic in front of a portal Battleon Town. Warlic holds a rolled-up map and the Book of Lore»

Warlic: The entire Keep is grateful for your help! You single-handedly defeated a level 25 7 dragon…
Warlic: That alone would prove you're the one we've been waiting for - the Hero who will save our world!
Warlic: And right now, our world is desperately in need of saving!

«Change scene, Alteon and Sepulchure in Swordhaven in flames.»

Sepulchure's army has invaded Swordhaven.
King Alteon needs your aid. Go to him, and drive out those who would destroy all that is good!

«Change scene, back to Hero and Warlic»

Warlic: You have a long journey ahead of you, Hero, but I know that you will be victorious.
Warlic: Something tells me you're the kind of Hero the bards write stories about…
Warlic: This Book of Lore will guide you on your journey and record your battles; this map will help you navigate our world.
Warlic: I can't wait to see what adventures you have ahead of you!

«Scene fades»

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