«Scene: Safiria faces off against Archmage Brentan»

Safiria: That's right. Crawl back to your master.

Archmage Brentan: No! I I can't return to him defeated.
Archmage Brentan: This isn't over, mongrel!

Safiria: Such spectacular wit.
Safiria: It's no wonder you've lost.

Archmage Brentan: A temporary setback!
Archmage Brentan: My king will have a plan. And we WILL be back.

«Archmage Brentan disappears into a black flame»

Safiria: Ugh. It's just LIKE him to have to get the last word.

Z: He's right, you know.

«Scene: the Hero, Mirror Drakath, Z, and Safiria outside»

Z: Alteon won't give up so easily.

Hero: Fortunately, Alteon is still in the timelock. I don't think he'll be getting out anytime soon.

Z: Here's hoping.

Drakath: Alteon may be… but his minions aren't.
Drakath: I'll stay here to help reinforce Lightovia's defenses.

Safiria: Thank you.
Safiria: <Hero>… I know you can't stay, too.
Safiria: But I appreciate you coming to help.

Hero: Will you be alright?

Safiria: Yes, I think I will be. Lightovia was weakened in my absence.
Safiria: But I am here now, and I have allies willing to fight with me.
Safiria: If they dare try again… we will be prepared.

«Scene fades»

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