DragonSlayer LoreKeeper
The wise sage, Sun Tzu, once said, "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory, you will suffer a defeat." That is why I'm here — to help Galanoth and the DragonSlayers know as much about our enemy as possible.

As you slay dragons throughout the world of Lore, you may learn information or find knowledge scrolls that will teach us more. Whenever you find one, bring it to me and I will help you decipher it.

Overall Skeleton
As Dragons are beasts of flight, they have hollow bones. This may sound as if their bones are delicate and fragile, but think of the size of Dragons! Even though the bones are hollow, they aren't likely to snap like twigs. More like bricks, actually.

Dragon Head
The head of today's Western Dragon is generally thick and broad. A massive skull protects the squishy brain, as no organism wishes to have its brain mashed. In the roof of the mouth lies a faux palate, which opens to emit flame (or whatever element that they control). Thus, the soft esophagus is not burnt by the searing heat. In addition, they boast powerful jaw muscles, strong enough to "Om nom nom nom" any unlucky fellow.

Dragons' olfactory receptors are quite well-developed, as they should be. After all, Dragons need to be able to smell a knight sneaking up on them from behind. What honorable knight would want to fight a dragon with a stuffy nose?

The beasts' eyes are keen as well; they must look for prey (and maidens) scurrying about on the ground. The ears of most Dragons are small, or even non-existent, but they can hear both higher and lower frequencies than we Humans.

The auditory capabilities of the Dragons are certainly not their most-used sense, but you are not likely to see one with a hearing aid anytime soon. That would just be silly."

The Torso
Western-style Dragons tend to have massive, muscular torsos. This is a necessity, because their ribcages are quite large. After all, it requires massive lung power to provide enough oxygen to their entire bodies, or to launch their breath attacks out far enough.

Huge pectoral muscles give them the typical image of being powerful beasts. In fact, these are perhaps the largest muscles in their body. Then again, most Dragons have iron-hard abs. Despite the fact that some people portray them as cold, unfeeling creatures, they actually have large hearts.

Wait, what do you mean that the heart doesn't control emotion? Hmm. Well, it still has the ability to pump blood to the entire body, which takes huge muscle-power."

The Wings
"What separates a Dragon from a Salamander? Two things. Intelligence and wings. For a normal winged creature, the Dragons' wings would not be sufficient to sustain them in flight. However, due to the magical natures of the beings, they are also supported through inherited, subconscious magics. Of course, they need not flap their wings constantly; they rely also on air currents and thermals. Big air currents and thermals."

A baby dragon. It can be hard for the untrained eye to determine which kind of dragon a Drake will grow into. Depending on the breed, some Drakes will not start growing their arms nor legs until they reach 50 years of age. Warning! Never get in between a Mother Dragon and her baby Drake.

Beast Dragons
Not all dragons are intelligent… take the Beast Dragons for example. They are feral and savage. They cannot speak, nor cast magic spell. But do not underestimate one! Beast dragons have terrifyingly powerful breath weapons. They are greedy, territorial, and endlessly hungry. When you hear a lone dragon has been eating a farmer's livestock, or travelers were attacked on a road, be suspect it is a beast dragon.

Elemental Dragons
While all Dragons are bred with one of the elements that makes up our world, we refer to Elemental Dragons with greater respect.

They are intelligent and can cast magic spells of their element. Like other intelligent species this means they can be both evil or good. These elemental Dragons can use their powers to control monsters that match their elemental type.

Throughout our history we have seen several powerful Elemental Dragons raise armies and attack our towns. They are extremely hard to kill since only certain weapons can even hurt them.

Thankfully, these Elemental Dragons are smart and tend avoid conflict unless provoked. Should you encounter one of these dragons… draw and wield your sharp wits before your sword.

Great Dragons
Massive, impossibly powerful, god-like Dragons… they are also bigger than the largest Titans. The last Great Dragon we saw in our word was the Great Fire Dragon, Akriloth. Few survived through the tragic war he started to tell the tale of what actually happened. There has not been a single sighting of a great dragon since. Which means either they are all extinct… or really, really, really, well hidden away somewhere. Sleeping. Dreaming. Waiting.


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