Death's Rampage


«Scene: Trainers»

«Death attempts to kill the Trainers»

«Hero stops Death of killing Thok»

Hero: What are you DOING?! You don’t kill Swordhaven’s Hero trainers!

Death: You do if they are the reason you word over-time. THEY are the reason I – and now you – are owed so many favors.
Death: And you heroes NEVER pay your debts.

«Thok stands up»

Hero: We can’t pay them if we’re DEAD, you know.

Death: You can’t keep dying if you’re dead, you know.

Hero: Fair enough.

Death: With no new trainers to train up new Heroes, YOU won’t be overworked and I won’t have anyone stealing my fun and adventures.

Hero: I don’t think you understand the concept of –

Death: Besides, they’re not dead yet. They won’t really die until Death – until YOU – approve it.
Death: I was obligated to give ALL mortals a second chance. Let them owe me favors. You saw how well that worked out.
Death: You are under no such contract. This is your chance to really DO something with your power.

«Hero summons Death to the Death’s Realm»

Death: Why are we back here? My time isn’t up yet; our trade isn’t over.

Hero: You don’t understand what it MEANS to be a mortal hero. People need help from each other or no one will survive.
Hero: A hero can’t stand without allies, someone to watch his/her back. If you slay potential friends, you hurt YOUR change of surviving future battles.
Hero: … and mine. Because I know now I can’t leave the world to you. Not when you don’t understand what the world – and life – really are.

Death: I will NOT resume the office! If you’re going to break our trade, then the deal is void. My 72 hours just became permanent!

«Death stands on Death’s Realm portal»

Death: You might want to remember this, <Hero>: You can’t cheat Death. Now you know.

«Death vanishes in Death’s Realm portal»

«Hero holds the hourglass»

Hero: He says that, forgetting that HE is the mortal now. We’ll just see who cheats whom, Death. Just you wait.

«Scene fades»

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