Death's Death


«Scene: Death's Realm»

Death: Hmph….

«Death tries to attack the Hero»

«Hero dodges the attack»

Death: A quick end will be the LAST favor I ever grant you. NO mortal has the power to slay Death!

Powerword… DIE!!!

«Death attacks the Hero»

«Hero reverts the attack at Death»

Death: What. Did. You. DO?! Why do my daughters not answer my summons? Your hourglass should be in my hands!
Death: I could shatter it with one blow, scatter the sands of your life across the Underworld!

Hero: Hmm…
Hero: You DID say no mortal could cheat Death. And until the 72 hours are up, your powers are MINE.
Hero: And MY hourglass… is tied to YOU!

«Hourglass floats to the Hero»

Hero: By the way, you might not want to scream that access spell where other people can hear it.
Hero: Just one of the tips you pick up battling your average evil wizard. You do that a lot as a Hero.
Hero: I’m going to forget I heard you mention something about scattering the sand in this hourglass.
Hero: Look. You’re… well, you’re Death. You’re immensely powerful. You decide how long mortals live and when we die.
Hero: You having to worry about eating and sleeping and hand-eye coordination is like, like –
Hero: The average hero trying to explain why villains win so often or Good warriors die so young.

«Hourglass floats in the middle of both»

Death: I was their fate, their time. There is no other answer.
Death: Not a single mortal who has asked that – and many have – accepts it.

Hero: We’re MORTAL. It’s our nature to fight what threatens us, to survive. Death is the ultimate enemy.
Hero: Accepting death means an end to living. To… to color, to movement, to BEING. To everything!

Death: And now you understand why I wanted your life. That color, that movement, that – BEING, it was like nothing I have ever known.

Hero: And now YOU understand why I want my life back.

«Death nods head»

Death: And you shall have it, yet with all the times I’ve sent you back, you still view me as an enemy?

Hero: I think… it is the ending dying brings that we fight against. It’s too easy to forget that without death –

«Death turns back into The Death giving the Hero his/her mortality»

Hero: Life cannot continue.
Hero: I understand that better now that I’ve handled your hourglasses, felt what you feel when a mortal waits for Death to take them.
Hero: Your daughters, they don’t ask the mortal-to-be how long they wish to live when measuring his sand and filling his hourglass, right?
Hero: The fates aren’t fair when they determine the course of a life. You know that, and so do I.

«Hero stands on Death’s Realm portal»

Hero: It’s not time for my adventures to end. But who’s to say that it will never be time for yours to start?

Death: And if you’re around when that time comes and I need a favor from YOU?

«Hero starts to vanish in Death’s Realm portal»

Hero: Death always pays his debts… And so do I.

«Hero vanishes»

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