Death's Dealer

Servant of Death, Shopkeeper
You did WHAT?! You signed a CONTRACT… from NULGATH THE ARCHFIEND… To kill… DEATH?!

You must be either very brave, very strong, or VERY confident! Death is waiting for you inside his lair. Just keep battling your way down, and you will find him.

- Death's Dealer's Quests
- Living Shadows Rares Shop raresmall.png

After completing the 'Find your way to Death's lair.' quest:

Servant of Death, Shopkeeper
You have found Death's lair, but only one task remains to you! If you truly think you can defeat Death, accept the quest and try!

I do not believe you can do this… I look forward to seeing you when you return.

- Death's Dealer's Quests
- Go To Death

After completing the 'Beat Death!' quest:

Servant of Death, Shopkeeper
I can't believe that Death has been beaten in battle! Battleship, sure, but battle? NO! Do you know what happens when you beat Death? You TAKE OVER his job!
If you wish to see what made Drakath the man he is today, /join Dreadhaven. If you are more worried about what he's up to now, /join Confrontation!

- Go To Confrontation
- Go To Dreadhaven


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