Death's Deal


«Scene: Hero holding a hourglass while talking to Death in the forest.»

Hero: … Wait, what? I thought you said this would glow in the presences of the thief.

Death: You are mistaken, Hero. I said it would glow in the presence of the one who took the hourglasses.
Death: One cannot steal that which they own, and the ability to measure out - or end - a life belongs to ME.

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: But then why have ME quest to recover all of them? Wy put such important, FRAGILE instruments at risk?

«Screen moves to Death.»
«Death makes a hourglass appear.»

Death: Do you think I would endanger the lives of the mortals attached to the hourglasses?
Death: I would not. But they cannot be shattered - nor their sands run out - except by MY design.

«Death destroys a hourglass.»
«Screen moves to someone in Yulgar’s Inn.»
«The person is surrounded in a dark aura and dies.»

Death: That quest was to determine whether you had what it takes to be the custodian of so many lives.
Death: Whether YOU are worthy of being… ME.

«Screen zooms in to some dirt at Death’s feet.»
«The dirt jumps to the right out of the screen.»

«Hero gets alarmed.»

Hero: Woah woah woah. I never agreed to THAT. I’ve got far too much left to do to die now.

Death: The ability to CHOOSE is a luxury. I have existed since the first conscious being was able to understand what mortality is.
Death: I was - born - when the concept of death was defined, realized. I was never ASKED to accept this role.
Death: I simply WAS. I have never had the choice - the chance - to be… MORE.

«Screen moves to Hero.»
«Hero slowly inches out of the forest.»

Death: I want something different. I want… YOU. You life. And you will become the new Death.

«Hero leans back in.»

Hero: Er - Unfortunately, I am currently using my life. I’ve spent years breaking this body in. Sorry, it’s taken.

Death: The gift of immortality and power I offer is not one to be lightly refused.

Hero: You know, real life is a LOT less appealing than you might think.

«Screen moves to Cysero Bathing in Yulgar’s Inn»

Narrator: Bathing…

«Screen moves to Hero on a mountain top in a storm.»

Narrator: …battling elements and enemies…

«Screen moves to Hero being healed by Warlic in Yulgar’s Inn.»

Narrator: …bleeding and pain…

«Screen moves back to Death and Hero in the forest.»

Death: It is better to have lived and lost than never to have lived at all, Hero.
«Death floats his scythe towards Hero»

Death: I have done MANY favors for you over the years, no? Would you deny me this chance to experience what life - what living - is like?

Hero: 72 hours. That’s all you get. If I don’t like being Death, I take my body back, and you your power.

Death: Agreed.

«Hero takes Death’s Scythe.»
«Hero transforms into Death.»
«Death transforms into Hero.»

Death: I feel so… meaty. I did not imagine a body would be so heavy. I can smell my own mortality.

Hero: Yeah, we call that “sweat.” Baths fix that. Be sure to take a few during your 72 hours of living.

Death: Thank you for the advice. And I suggest YOU listen to Thanatops, now YOUR servant, for suggestions on how to fill your new role.

«Screen fades.»

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