Death of a King


«Chaos Lord Alteon confronting Hero, Hero on the floor»

Hero: Alteon! No! Please -

«Chaos Lord Alteon turns into a silhouette of himself»

Chaos Lord Alteon: It's beautiful, isn't it? My city. Even destroyed, it holds so much… hope.
Chaos Lord Alteon: That is why I had to leave. My children will set it right… won't they?
Chaos Lord Alteon: They will have to. I cannot.

«Chaos Lord Alteon raises his sword and a chaos lightning strikes it. Screen turns white»

Hero: Auuuugh!

«Fade back into scene, Hero stands up»

Chaos Lord Alteon: I need you to do this for me… and for you.
Chaos Lord Alteon: This is MY choice. You need to make yours. It is time, my friend.

«Heo gets the choice between: Good: Spare Chaos Lord Alteon. Evil: Slay Chaos Lord Alteon»


Hero: No! I cannot. You are my friend, one of the bravest men - and best kings - I have ever known!
Hero: I WILL find a way to save you!

«Chaos Lord Alteon tries to strike Hero, but Hero defends, striking Alteon and defeating him. Screen flashes»

Hero: My King, forgive me! NO ONE on Lore will EVER forget what Chaos has done to you…
Hero: And how you chose to save us all.

Chaos Lord Alteon: My friend…Thank you.
Chaos Lord Alteon: Promise me something?

Hero: Anything! Whatever it is, I will make it happen!

Chaos Lord Alteon: Swordhaven has fallen… The Alliance… *gasp*
Chaos Lord Alteon: Even Good people seek power. And revenge. The faction… will tear itself… apart.
Chaos Lord Alteon: You cannot save my Kingdom *gasp* or the Alliance. Defeating CHAOS must be your only goal.
**Chaos Lord Alteon:* If all looks lost… turn to.. The Empress of the Shadowscythe.

Hero: Gravelyn?!?!?

«Chaos Lord Alteon nods»

Chaos Lord Alteon: Gravelyn… She is - she -

«Chaos lightning strikes. Screen fades black, change scene, Empress Gravelyn at her Shadowfall castle, Chaos Lord Alteon appears translucent in left portion of the screen»

She has the heart of her mother… and the stregnth… of her father. Her light will save us all.

«Change scene back to Hero, holding Chaos Lord Alteon's crown»

Hero: Alteon's crown must be returned to his hears. After that…
Hero: There is only one path left for me… Into the heart of Chaos.
Hero: Drakath. Will. Pay.

«Screen fades»

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