Death Cutscene


«Scene: the Hero, Twilly, and Ayi face a defeated Thanatops»

Thanatops: You can fight Death as long as you want.
Thanatops: …but Death will come for you eventually.

Twilly: Sure, but you're not Death… you're just the FEAR of death!
Twilly: HA!


Twilly: Hey, Ayi… why didn't this guy vanish like Nyctox did?

«Death swoops into frame from the left»

Death: Because the Fear of Death is necessary.

«Death waves»



«Twilly jumps back»

«Twilly looks at Thanatops»

«Twilly jumps on top of the Hero»

Thanatops: You… You have no place here.

Death: You have no place telling me where I should be. Begone.

«With a flash of red, Thanatops crumbles to the ground in a heap of bones»

Hero: Thanks.

Ayi: What did you mean by "Fear of Death is necessary"?

Death: Fearing me can be a good thing.
Death: It keeps people from doing a lot of stupid and dangerous things.
Death: It helps them live long, healthy lives.

Ayi: But some people live their whole lives in fear of dying.

Hero: That's not even living, if you ask me.

Death: True. People need to accept that I am a part everyone's life. Just… the last part.

Ayi: People are mostly afraid of what comes after Death, actually.

Twilly: As long as you're here… what DOES come after death?

Death: No spoilers. You'll have to wait and see like everyone else.

Twilly: How much time do we get?

Death: Everyone gets the same amount… you all get exactly one lifetime.
Death: Farewell, heroes. I'll be seeing you.

«Death slides back out of frame»

Twilly: That guy is CREEEEEPY!

«Scene fades»

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