Death and Destruction


As the 13th Lord of Chaos faces Death…

«War on Drakath at Mount Doomskull»

«Change scene, inside Shadowfall Castle»

Skeleton: The castle is lost! There is no hope…

«Change scene, War on Drakath at Mount Doomskull»

«Change scene, Artix, Alina, Warlic and Stratos on a Skyguard ship»

Stratos: Skyguard! Attack!

«Skyguard enter battle»

«Change scene, Drakath»

«Change scene, Gravelyn at Shadowfall Castle»

Skeleton: Empress Gravelyn, we can no longer control this ship!

Gravelyn: We don't need to control it, we just need to hit that! Collision course!

«Skeleton Dragon collision»

«Change scene, Hero and Death in the Underworld»

Death: I told you <Hero>. You're dead dead. You've already tried to circumvent the rules of death by helping to raise Shadowfall.

Hero: We had a deal, Death. My story isn't over yet and I have to get back before your relam is filled with all the souls on Lore!

Death: Death is the only TRULY Eternal entity, <Hero>. In the end, I always win.

Hero: Not this time!

«End of Cutscene»

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