Death and Destruction


«Fade in»

As the 13th Lord of Chaos faces Death…

«Fade out text as scene with dragons attacking Shadowfall castle fades in»

«Change scene, inside Shadowfall Castle»

Skeleton: The castle is lost! There is no hope…

«Change scene - zoom in on ShadowFall as it is attacked»
«An airship intercepts an attack.»
«Change scene, Artix, Alina, Warlic and Stratos on a Skyguard ship»

Stratos: Skyguard! Attack!

«Skyguard enter battle - pan to side»
«Change scene, Drakath over looking the battle - the Eye of Chaos can be seen in the background.»
«Change scene, Gravelyn at Shadowfall Castle»

Skeleton: Empress Gravelyn, we can no longer control this ship!

Gravelyn: We don't need to control it, we just need to hit that! Collision course!

«The skeleteon dragon roars, falling towards the ground.»

«Change scene, Hero and Death in the Underworld»

Death: I told you <Hero>. You're dead dead. You've already tried to circumvent the rules of death by helping to raise Shadowfall.

Hero: We had a deal, Death. My story isn't over yet and I have to get back before your relam is filled with all the souls on Lore!

Death: Death is the only TRULY Eternal entity, <Hero>. In the end, I always win.

Hero: Not this time!

«Scene fades.»

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