Deady (NPC)

The Terrible Teddy
Hi, I'm Deady, the terrible teddy. Once I was the greatest terror in the galaxy… and now I'm a teddy bear. Don't ask.

Trust me, you don't want to see what lies beneath this fuzzy exterior. One glance at my true form and your mind would turn inside out with fear. Your soul would crawl into a hole so it would cry and drool in safety.

Your sanity would swallow itself just to escape from the horror of my countenance and all of your credit cards would demagnetize themselves. I'm not sure why that last thing happens.

Now I travel the worlds with my "buddy" Voltaire. Honestly, I'm just waiting for a minute when he's not paying attention so I can…well, I could tell you but it would give you nightmares.

It may seem like he's just your average rock super star, but he's a force to be reckoned with.

Story so Far…
Last time we were in town, Voltaire was after the Cursed Guitar of Skullpunch Island. He got it… (lucky jerk)… but it had some side effects. It changed him into a huge, undead, unstoppable killing machine. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, someone (was that you?) went and changed him back to "normal". While he was dazed I noticed that Voltaire's Top Hat was crackling with energy.

Years of absorbing pure rock power mixed with the curse of the guitar gave his Top Hat some kind of dark power. I switched his hat for a spare I hastily made out of some bats and super glue and I left the real hat on the island for safe keeping.

Now, I'm back and I WANT THAT POWER! Uh… to share. With you. Heh.

I guess some of the island's Skeletal Villagers found the hat and began worshiping it as a idol. I need YOU to return to Skullpunch Island and get that hat back for me… er, us.

I don't want Voltaire to know that anything is out of the ordinary so I set up this gig for him in Battleon. I'll stay here and keep goatee-boy busy while fight your way to the Top Hat!

You might need a little extra help so I'll let you borrow some of my power! Sorry, but it comes with a price. As long as you're working for…uh, with… me, you'll also look like a demented teddy bear.

Now get going! I can't keep Voltaire busy forever!

- Become… Deady
- Go to Skullpunch!
- Deady's Quests
- Deady's "Rare" AC Shop raresmall.png
- Deady's Treasure Chest raresmall.png


Note: Deady's true name is Urkor Malravenus.

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