Deady Monster Defeated



«Hero reaches the Top Hat»

Hero: Ah Ha! Looks like Deady was right!
Hero: Those guys were worshiping Voltaire's Top Hat.
Hero: Ya know… that hat might look pretty good on me!

Deady: You wish, chump!

«Deady runs to the Top Hat»

Hero: DEADY!? Didn't I leave you back on the beach?

«Deady grabs the Top Hat»

Deady: Yeah, you did. And now I'm here! Thanks for doing all the work for me!
Deady: Now I have Voltaire's Cursed Top Hat!
Deady: With this kind of power I can finally re-take my place as the galaxy's greatest evil!

Hero: Deady, maybe putting the hat on is not such a great idea.

Deady: What are you talking about? YOU were going to put it on.

Hero: That's true, but that doesn't make it a GOOD idea!

Deady: Look out world, here comes your new master. The new and improved Monster Deady!

«Deady puts on the Top Hat and transforms into Deady Monster»

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