Deadmoor Banshee


«Scene: Mallora, Cysero, and Hero at Deadmoor's cliff. Cysero cast a spell at the Screaming Stones»

Cysero: Smash 'em.

Hero: Really? That's it?

«Cysero shrugs»

Cysero: If you want it more complicated. I can make up some kind of ritual or…

Hero: No, this is fine. I'm just surprised Chamat never showed back up.

«Hero smashes the stones, screen flashes white, Mallora transforms into a Banshee, and Hero and Cysero are shielded by a purple bubble»

Hero: What the…?

Chamat: Thank you, hero. I couldn't have done it without you.

Hero: Done WHAT? What's going on?

Cysero: Oh, Mallora is a Banshee now.

Hero: I can see that! WHY is she a Banshee?

Cysero: She was murdered by an entire town and has been trapped voiceless for a century.
Cysero: She has been stewing in her own hatred all that time.
Cysero: The power of getting her voice back and kind of let her rage take over.
Cysero: I told you this was going to happen.


Cysero: Prrrreeettty sure that I did.

Hero: You said this would help free her!

Chamat: And that is exactly what you have done.
Chamat: Hear me now, Banshee of Deadmoor.
Chamat: I have freed you from your century of silence in the name of the Queen of All Monsters.
Chamat: You will now serve your Queen by spreading fear and terror and she will grow strong.
Chamat: You are her new weapon.

«Banshee of Mallora attacks Chamat, destroying his helmet, showing Chamat's face, that of a four-eyed bat-like anthropomorphic creature»

Chamat: No! What are you doing?!

«Chamat's face melts into his skull»

«Change of scene, Hero and Cysero inside the purple bubble, the purple bubble fades away, showing Banshee Mallora outside»

Cysero: Classic. Bad guy underestimates the power he's trying to harness and gets destroyed by it.
Cysero: You gotta appreciate the classics.

Hero: So… now we run?

Cysero: What? No, you fight her!
Cysero: Once you defeat her in combat, her rage should fizzle out and Mallora will regain control of herself.

Hero: Are you INSANE?

Cysero: That's what I'm told.

Hero: She MELTED that guy's FACE. You see that puddle over there?

«Scroll to Chamat's defeated body with the puddle of his face»

Hero: THAT PUDDLE was that dude's FACE.

«Scroll back to Hero, Cysero and Banshee Mallora, green flashing ear plugs appear in mid-air»

Cysero: OH! Yeah, you'll need these enchanted ear plugs.
Cysero: She can still hit you but it will protect you from her death wail.

Hero: Are you sure?

Cysero: Only one way to find out! Knock her dead!
Cysero: Deader. Whatever.

«Cutscene ends»

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