«Hero and Cysero inside the Vault of Goose, Sages and ArchSage summoning the Goose with its bones, summmons it and Hero gets blasted with summon energy»

Hero: Cysero… what is that?

Cysero: That is the ancient goose that I've been telling you about.

Hero: That's NOT A GOOSE!

Cysero: No, it's an ANCIENT goose.

«Sage directs the Goose, but gets eaten by it»

Cysero: I mean, if you go far enough back, ALL birds were essentially dinosaurs.
Cysero: This is majestic creature is what would, in later millennia, come to evolve into the modern goose.
Cysero: He's cuted than I thought he'd be.

Hero: How do I stop something like that?!

Cysero: Give me a minute to think that oen over.

«Hero grabs Cysero»

Hero: Let's think somewhere else!

«Hero takes Cysero away»

Cysero: I've got it!

Hero: Good! What's the plan?

Cysero: A goose's natural enemy is the raccoon.
Cysero: We're going to built a giant, magic powered, mechanical raccoon!

«Scene fades»

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