«LightGuard Castle»

Arryd: Good job collecting all of those undead parts for the disguise!
Arryd: Oh no…

Hero: …?

Arryd: How much damage are you doing!? Most of these undead bits are in terrible shape.

Hero: I can always get more.
Hero: It's not like there's a shortage of undead stuff out there.

Arryd: Nah. Don't worry. Sir Coat will use them to make your disguise. He can work miracles.
Arryd: You should see his costumes for the stageshow "LightGuard Keep presents… Paladin Follies!"
Arryd: Haha, we make all the new recruits do it.


Arryd: Don't look at me like that. It's fun.
Arryd: Anyway, Sir Coat has made ALL the costumes for the past five years. Isn't that right?!

Sir Coat: People, please… I am TRYING to CREATE!

Hero: So once this is done, what is the plan? Sneak attack?

Arryd: Not exactly.
Arryd: Since we can't go through these undead, we're going around them.
Arryd: We need you to sneak through the undead horde and place this Stone of Teleportaion behind them.
Arryd: When you return we will activate our teleporter ring. We'll have a clear path to flank them from the front and the rear.

Sir Coat: Your disguise is ready.

«You have obtained [Skeleton Costume]!»

Hero: That is my "disguise'?!
Hero: What happened to that giant pile of bones I just gathered for you?!

Sir Coat: Threw them out. They weren't white enough.

Hero: They weren't WHITE ENOUGH?! White enough for WHO?!
Hero: Plus, bones aren't naturally white anyway, they're an off-white that…

Sir Coat: Well, I like MY skeleton bones snow white* and I'm the costume designer. Live with it.

Arryd: It'll do. You've probably noticed that things without brains aren't too bright.

Hero: … you REALLY think they are going to fall for… THIS?

Arryd and Sir Coat: …

«Hero puts on the costume»

Hero: OK. Gimme the rock.

Arryd: Good luck, hero.
Arryd: Oh, and while you're out there… see what you can find out about whatever is leading these undead.

Hero: Be right back.

«Fade to black and returns you to DoomUndead»

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