Data Station Hephaestus

Monitor and Control Panel, Cathedral of Time
Hello! I am Hephaestus, one of the data stations here at the Cathedral of Time. How may I assist you?

After completing the 'Timeline XV6: Champion of Chaos' quest:

Monitor and Control Panel, Cathedral of Time
Adaleaz: It's rewritten the timeline so that Cysero became the Champion of Chaos instead of Drakath? That seems innocuous enough. We can leave it alone for now - let's focus on getting rid of the virus before it corrupts any more files. We'll fix this issue once we're finished.

Fix It?
Adaleaz: A world without Chaos Lord Drakath does seem like a better option, doesn't it? But changing the timeline never affects just one thing, and we may not like how all of those differences play out.

- Data Station Hephaestus' Quests

Location: Cathedral of Time


Thanks to Apus.

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