Darkon's Quests

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Quest Location: Forgotten Tombs (Location)
Quests Begun From: Darkon (NPC)
Requirements: Must have defeated Adventus.

No one is exactly allowed to raid the tombs for treasure, but hey,we were here first. Remember, if the Gravediggers aren't with Seraphic Paladins, they're against us.

Items Required:


  • 500 Gold
  • 500 Exp

Thanks to Abalanar.

Quest Location: Darkon's Garden
Quests Begun From: Darkon (NPC)

You know hero. I've traveled across the universe and tasted all sorts of cuisine. Despite all that, there's only one ingredient I truly despise: Bananas. The taste, the texture… Disgusting. Go bring me 22 of those abominations so I can incinerate them.

Items Required:


  • 6,666 Gold
  • 11,111 Exp


You may also receive, at random:

Quest Location: Astravia Castle
Quests Begun From: Darkon (NPC)
Requirements: Must have completed the 'Thalia, the Truth' quest.
Note: This quest can only be completed once.

It's a good day for a reunion, don't you think? Reminds me of when my brother and I used to play pretend, acting out heroic epics about Princes rescuing Princesses from monsters. Funny how it'll end. Hero, defeat the Sun and we'll move on to sentencing Drago.

Items Required:

  • The Sun Defeated x1


  • 10,000 Gold
  • 40,000 Exp

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