Darkon (NPC)

Astravia's Reckoning
I would like to continue to be amiable. That wouldn't be easy if I had to break your legs for us to have a proper conversation. I would rather be civil, but I see you've chosen violence.

After completing the 'Thalia, the Truth' quest:

Astravia's Reckoning
Is it really too late to regain your trust? You've already helped so much and from the looks of it, many of the Scale have taken a shine to you. No, I'm not taunting you in any manner. A bout between a courageous Hero like you against the radiance of this beast will be one for the ages! Drago's reign is over and his Sun will set.

- Darkon's Quests


Note: Disappears from Astravia Castle after completing the 'Mnemosyne, the Tormentor' quest.

Thanks to Abalanar, Amduscia and Tristyn.

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