Darkness is Light


«Scene: Hero, Arthelyn and Azalith together»

Arthelyn: Azalith!

Azalith: Sister, it has been too long.

Arthelyn: Stop this, you can still be saved!

Azalith: Saved? From what? The only one I see in danger is you.

Hero: Is that a threat?

Azalith: No. Can't you see the hold Anethyx'o has on you?

Arthelyn: You speak of the Bright One as if It has malicious intent.

Azalith: Does It not? Tell me, what did It do when I tried to copy Its power? When I tried to be Its equal rather than Its servant?

Arthelyn: You stole Its power!

Azalith: It struck me down! Imprisoned me! For trying to better myself! For trying to better the Realm!

Hero: By turning it to Darkness?

Azalith: Darkness? There is no Darkness here.

Hero: What do you mean? All the destruction you've caused…

Azalith: Your thinking is too simple, human.
Azalith: The sunlight is nice and warm when it shines on you but what happens when you focus that Light? It burns all in its path.
Azalith: Creation is the same; it is fine when it is spread thin. But concentrated, it wreaks destruction.
Azalith: Atoms upon atoms crashing and crushing into each other.
Azalith: Life on top of life, dissolving into nothingness; factors in an equation that equals zero. Nothing!
Azalith: It is Anethyx'o who wrote that equation… who has given me this power.
Azalith: Anethyx'o is the one who deems these creations unworthy of existence.

Arthelyn: Lies!

Hero: If you think you are doing Its bidding, you're wrong! And we will stop you here!

Azalith: Go ahead. Try… if you think you can.

Arthelyn: <Hero>, we are not ready to face her!

Azalith: Finally, something we can agree on, sister!

«Scene fades»

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