Darkness Falls


«Screen fades in. House is on screen. Change scene, undead hand creeps in. Change scene, back at house. Change scene, trees shakes. Change scene, Hero (Rand) and Dage the Evil on screen at entrance to the Underworld»

Dage The Evil: Excellent.
Dage The Evil: The memory of your beloved provided enough fuel to open the portal.

Hero: My … Who? I never -

Dage The Evil: I must have left that part out. Casting the spell destroyed the resource providing the energy.
Dage The Evil: As far as you know, you've never loved anyone. So really, you've lost nothing.
Dage The Evil: On the bright side… The way to the Underworld is clear.
Dage The Evil: You can make Vilkas Blightbringer suffer like your family did.

«Scene fades to black screen»

Dage The Evil: IF you can finish what you've started.

«Scene fades»

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