Darkness Dispelled



«Hero beats Doom Vordred and Voltaire enters with the Mirror of Enutrof»

Voltaire: Looks like we need to shed a little light on the situation.

«Hero uses Mirror of Enutrof to cease the shadows»

Hero: We made it through the night! Friday the 13th is… OVER!

Voltaire: Don't celebrate too son, Hero. Look. The shadows still remain.

«Deady inspects the shadow»

Deady: Eh… these don't fight back. You should be fine.

Voltaire: For now. But the shadows have awakened. If that Shadow Manipulator-whatever it is-returns…

Hero: I've got the mirror. I'll be ready. And if it returns on Friday the 13th… YOU'LL be here to help!
Hero: What will you do now? How DO you spend your Saturday mornings?

Voltaire: I've heard good thigns about that new Pumpkin Spice Larvae from Scarbucks.

Hero: Sounds good to me, except… make mine without the larvae!

«Scene changes to the Mysterious Stranger»

Mysterious Stranger: Well, well. My little puppet dances better than expected.
Mysterious Stranger: But no matter.
Mysterious Stranger: After all…I've finally found what I came here for.

«Scene fades»

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