Darkness Cutscene


«Scene: Nyctox in the darkness»

Nyctox: Fear Chaser, you know I cannot be defeated.
Nyctox: The light cannot exist without casting a shadow.

«Scene zooms out, showing the Hero, Twilly, and Ayi»

Ayi: That is true but you are not Darkness…
Ayi: … You are only the Fear of Darkness. That can be overcome.

Hero: People aren't really afraid of the dark anyway…

Nyctox: NO, DON'T SAY IT!

Hero: They are afraid of the unknown.
Hero: They are afraid of what might be waiting IN the dark that they can't see.


Twilly: Hey, you're right!
Twilly: It's not the dark Twilly is afraid of at all!

Nyctox: NOoooooooooooo…

«Light busts out of Nyctox, who is destroyed»

Hero: Wow. That was new. What happened there?

Ayi: Twilly defeated Nyctox.

Twilly: WHAT?!

Ayi: You faced your fear of the dark, and when you did…

Hero: He just vanished! I see now.

Ayi: Fears only have as much power over us as we LET them have.

Twilly: Twilly did that?! WOW!

Hero: Where to now?

Ayi: We have one more fear to defeat. Thanatops, the Fear of Death.

«Scene fades»

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