Darkness and Destruction


«Black screen.»

Drakath: And the elemental orbs were mine… well, his.

«Scene: Sepulchure stands in the middle of a magic circle, the elemental orbs floating around him. Drakath stands behind him. Sepulchure's sword is on the ground.»

Sepulchure: You have done well, Drakath. Now I will use the Orbs to claim this world for the plane of Darkness.

«Scene fades.»
«Sepulchure raises his arms in the air and the orbs begin to circle around. Evil energy comes from the ground.»

They were all there.

«Scene: Warlic, Artix, Cysero, and Robina yell in unison»

Warlic, Artix, Cysero, and Robina: Noooooo! Sepulchure is about to summon the Ultimate Orb!!!

«Split screen: Robina appears on the top half, Drakath appears on the bottom half.»

Robina: Drakath is the only one who can do the right thing!

«Drakath holds Sepulchure's blade in his hand.»

Drakath: Now is the time.

«Drakath plunges Sepulchure's own sword through his back»
«Sepulchure falls to his knees»

«Scene: Artix, Cysero, and Victoria cheer.»

Robina: I knew Drakath would do the right thing, he saved all of us!

«Scene fades.»
«Drakath kicks Sepulchure away»

Drakath: Now is my time! I told you I would take my throne back by force! This world will be mine!

Robina: Drakath! No!

«Drakath absorbs the Elemental Orbs, transforming himself into a dragon. Dragon Drakath roars.»
«Scene Fades»

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