Dark Shadowscythe Shirt



Price: 10,000 Gold
Sellback: 2,500 Gold
Rarity: Rare Rarity
Description: 103% Cotton-poly blend Artix Ent shirts will NOT protect you from the following: Stab wounds. Slice wounds. Shankings. Beatings. Maulings. Acid. Fire. The pure unrelenting fury of an old lady on a mission. Biting. Crushing. The full weight of you heart breaking into a million tiny fragments that will take a lifetime to piece together. Dads. Moms. Paper cuts. Wind. Rain. Other shirts.

103% Cotton-poly blend Artix Ent shirts WILL protect you against: Lack of style.
Note: Also see List of all Shirts.

Thanks to Apus and masterfighter9000.

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