Dark LoreMaster (NPC)


On a mission from the Council
Hero! I have been sent here to seek your aid. The council has detected very strong sources of TAINT emanating from one of the stronger Darkness creatures in our world. We need you to locate it and bring it to us. We shall isolate it, study it and, based on what we find, if necessary… take the appropriate measures to ensure it is transformed.

The Council?
Yes… I am from the Council. I know you are aware of the Council of LoreMasters. You have met Loremaster Maya, I am sure? We study. We watch. We record. I have an affinity for the darker magics and preserving information about them, which is why I am here now, seeking your aid. And we DO need your help, my friend! Time is running short. Even now, I sense this… taint…. in the darkness growing stronger! The very shadows pulse with it!

- Dark LoreMaster's Quests
- Dark LoreMaster (Shop)
- 13th Anniversary
- Go to Doomwood
- Go to Temple
- Go to Sepulchure
- Go to Vordred

Location: Doomwood Forest


Thanks to Harrison and Peachii.

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