Dark Day Dawns


«Scene: King Alteon and Princess Brittany confronting»

«King Alteon casts a spell at Princess Britanny. Screen fades out and into Princess Britanny on the floor. Screen fades into white leaving Princess Britanny's body for a while, then fades completely white. Then, fades back in into King Alteon, looking down into Princess Brittany. Screen fades, change scene into Lord Brentan next to Princess Britanny's dead body. Screen fades into Hero confronting King Alteon»

Hero: Your Highness… Alteon… My friend. FIGHT THIS!
Hero: You CAN stop this!

Alteon: *gasping*

«Screen flashes, King Alteon now less chaotic, screen flashes again, King Alteon now more chaotic»

Alteon: my girl… Lynaria's baby girl! … WHY?!
Alteon: The Chaos will -

Hero: Will FALL again! I will stop this… and Drakath will pay!

Alteon: You are the only one who can make him, <Hero>. But I can't stay here. Not now.

«Screen flashes, zoom in on King Alteon»

Alteon: My family. My life… I have to go before I hurt anything - or anyone - else.
Alteon: Take care of them. END THIS!

«King Alteon teleports out. Screen fades white. Hero and Lord Brentan are left behind in battle stance»

Brentan: She - she's gone. For this? He… He DIES for this!

Victoria: <Hero>! LOOK!

«Victoria is shown pointing out the window, outside, in the Swordhaven Castle Plaza, a dragon statue transforms into the Chaos Dragon»

The Chaos Dragon has risen.

«Scene fades»

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