/Dance Evolution

Location: Great Godfather of Souls - Beehive

  • Normal
  • Hard (Unlocks after previous mode has been beaten)
  • Extreme (Temporarily unlocks after previous mode has been beaten with a near-perfect score)


  • Use your arrow keys and hit the correct arrow, when prompted.

Move points:

  • Epic: 100 points
  • Rockin: 50 points
  • Sweet: 25 points
  • Miss: 0 points


  • Keep the Great Godfather of Souls impressed with your performance, or else you lose the dance-off!
  • Hit the corresponding arrow keys when the yellow arrows are right above the visuals.


  • Need to defeat Lord Ovthedance after completing Great Godfather Of Souls' Quests
  • XP, Gold and Rep Rewards are only given once.
  • The higher the difficulty, the higher the speed and quantity of arrows, and a higher success rate is required.
  • Success rate bar on the left must be green to win.
  • Reward is only given once (Excluding Ticklish Zorbo Ticket).


Thanks to Dukey, gold5403, Kienkai and Rare.

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