Dama Slav

Firestorm Corporal
You. Are YOU going to join the Firestorm? You'd think before attacking us, the people of Embersea might have asked WHY we chose to serve Tyndarius. It's like - when you join the 'storm, you become part of something greater. Your power, his, and… HERS. She is - a force. So old, so wise, so… POWERFUL. Her fire lives inside me now. Just like all of her other warriors. And we have her General to lead us. Our fire is in the sky.

Tyndarius. Under his banner, we shall raze this land to the ground and build it back up. For her. Through fire and fear and a feast for the Queen, the blood of the weak shall boil! I look back on the day I signed Tyndarius' contract as my NEW birthday. I bear his mark, and … if you are fortunate, you will, too. If not, your fear will feed her soul, and your strength will become hers. And utlimately, mine. The mother feeds her children.

- QueenSpire
- Shadowstrike
- Queenspire Merge

Location: Shadowflame
Note: Also see Firestorm Corporal (Monster).


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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