Captain Of The Guard
We can't allow anyone into the tournament, which is held through the doors to the right, without an invitation. You may be able to find invitation on the Yokai Ferry. I need you to clear Cap'n Herlock's boat before coming back here.

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After completing the 'Setting Sail to Yokai' quest:

Captain of the Guard
Greetings, I'm Captain Daisuke, leader of the Akiba Guard. I'm also head of security for the Dragon Koi Tournament. What do you need?

Tell me about the Tournament.
The Dragon Koi Tournament celebrates one of our oldest legends. It's said that if a koi, or carp, swims all the way up a mighty waterfall and reaches the very top then it will become the next dragon. If anyone embodies the spirit of the dragon… it's the fierce warriors who take part in this tournament.


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