Daimar DragonsFang

Draconic DoomKnight and Death Dealer
Hero! I can feel the potential inside you… embrace the power I offer and you will be able to control Dragonkind! Lore's most terrifying beasts can be yours to command… IF you bow down to Darkness!

I have gear to offer those willing to accept my price. You may preview the items… if you dare! I hope to soar through the skies alongside you someday, Fated One!

Gear Preview
Buy either a 12000, 5000, or 2000 AdventureCoin package to unlock our newest, most masterful dragon set yet! The 4-piece Draconic DoomKnight set comes with all 3 listed packages. Choose a 5000 or 12000 AC package to get extra gear!
Once you purchase a package, open your Book of Lore and find the Draconic DragonMaster badge under the "Other Achievements" tab. Click on the Shop button to access all your gear!

- 2k AC Preview
- 5k AC Preview
- 12k AC Preview

- AC Package Details

Location: Battleon


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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