Daibh the Sneevil


"It's Pronounced Dave"
Hey, Lucky fans! Come on over! Didn't get enough of Dage the Evil during his birthday event last week? Salty that you didn't get to farm for those sweet, sweet Void armors? Well, then say no more, and step right up! Daibh the Sneevil has got what YOU need!

How to Play
Just grab the mallet and wait for the Dark Makai to pop their heads out of those holes. Smack 'n whack each Makai as fast as you can to rack up more points! But you're gonna have to be real quick —those Makai can be super speedy!
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Void Armors
All's you gotta do is collect a boatload of Golden Tickets from the games at the fair, whack a few Makai to earn some Makai Tickets, and then turn 'em in right here for a nice, shiny new armor! Or you can just BUY 'em with ACs, but that's BORING.

Why Here?
Well, were else would you go to find an endless supply of whackable Makai?

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Location: Shamrock Fair


Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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