Dage vs Wilhelm


«Dage confronting Wilhelm while Nulgath watches»

Wilhelm: I knew this day would come, that you would face this.
Wilhelm: And when he offered me a way to help easy my pain… and increase YOURS, how could I say no?
Wilhelm: There is NO WAY you're going to succeed when there is nothing left for -

Nulgath: SILENCE. Sniveling worms get stepped on.
Nulgath: And you. Did you REALLY believe I would support your Mastery?
Nulgath: I see the ambition in your eyes.
Nulgath: Even now, you attempt to gather MY apprentices to your side.

Dage: They come willingly. Who am I to deny them the leadership they crave?

Wilhelm: They are FOOLS. I know who you really are. And what you could become.

Dage: Do you really think they'll get better with him? They don't know what Nulgath -

«Wilhelm throws his hammer at Dage. Dage strikes Wilhelm, defeating him»

Wilhelm: I don't care about that 6-eyes freak.
Wilhelm: As long as YOU aren't here to destroy more lives, I'll die happy.

Dage: Nothing says you have to die here. You could join with m-

Wilhelm: And as long as I'm alive, I will give everything - EVERYTHING - I have to make sure you never leave this place.
Wilhelm: Your soul will belong to the Underworld. To HIM.

Dage: Is that so?

«Dage and Nulgath talking»

NUlgath: Ah, well done, apprentice. Well done, indeed. You've sealed your fate.

Dage: I destroyed a friend. Someone I've battled alongside for as long as I can remember.
Dage: Someone YOU turned against me? THAT was your test?

NUlgath: No. The final test is yet to come. But it's almost pointless now.
Nulgath: Your… "friend" went into battle knowing he would not survive.
Nulgath: He committed to his life to making sure YOU would be chained to the underworld. Forever.
Nulgath: He was my servant in the end, not yours. And he did not serve well enough.
Nulgath: If he'd been stronger, you would have been bound to my fortress, my underworld, forever.
Nulgath: As it is, your friend was as weak as you. His death was not enough.
NUlgath: Your spirit is bound to the underworld. But you-

Dage: I am free to pass your final test and control my OWN future.

NUlgath: If that's the delusion you wish to believe. I will not stop you.

«Nulgath, watching, summons a copy of Dage and makes Dage confront him»

Nulgath: The disappointment will be even sweeter when you cause yourself to fail.

«Scene fades»

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