Dage vs Dage



«Scene: black screen»

Dage: You have nowhere left to go!

«Scene: Dage with an army of undead»

Dage: I have destroyed your Commanders.
Dage: I've destroyed your Dreadnought.
Dage: And now I will destroy you!

SF3017 Shogun: Ha, ha, ha!
SF3017 Shogun: You are nothing more than a past version of our leader! A weaker version!
SF3017 Shogun: You have no hope of defeating him! I'll cut you down before you ever get close.

«Scene: Hero standing in front of Dage»

Hero: With my help, he does!

«Scene zooms out, showing both the Hero and Dage and the SF3017 Shogun in the same screen»

SF3017 Shogun: <Hero>. I know you.
SF3017 Shogun: You were one of Dage's greatest allies.

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