Dage The Good (Cutscene)


«Scene: Dage the Good in Overworld»

Hero: Uh… Dage the… Good?

Drakath: Well met, Dage. How goes the battle?

Dage The Good: King Alteon’s forces have recently become more concentrated there in the Overworld.
Dage The Good: I fear that the undead army might be too much for my Legion of Light.

«Dage the Good looks at the Hero»

Dage The Good: … is this?

Drakath: Yes. Dage the Good, meet <Hero>.

Dage The Good: I can sense a truly remarkable soul.

Hero: You’re not going to… take it, are you?

Dage The Good: What? Ah, I understand.
Dage The Good: No, in this world I spend my time freeing the enslaved souls of the undead.

Drakath: Tell me, have your legionnaires seen anything odd appear in Alteon’s camp?

Dage The Good: You mean that celestial dragon egg? Is the balancing force?

Drakath: Indeed it is. I knew that evil Xing and Xang would bring it to Alteon.

Dage The Good: The battle for the Overworld is being fought on several fronts…
Dage The Good: However, a single person might be able to fight through and reach the egg.

Hero: Sign me up!

«Scene fades»

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