Dage the Evil (NPC)


Lord of the Undead Legion and AQW Artist
Greetings, Hero. My birthday is Monday I am celebrating my birthday, and this year I have something special in-store for you. I crafted the Legion Doomknight set for you, to allow those strong enough to display their dark power to everyone. The armor, blade, and helm are available now; on Monday, if you think that you have the power to wield such DOOM, you may purchase the class from me… if you dare. I will be adding more item to each of the shops Monday so check back and see what's new. If you bought an Arcane Dark Caster armor, you can now chooose to merge it into a Shadowed Dark Gunner from the Undead Legion Merge Shop until my birthday shops leave.

Undead Legion
My loyal Legionnaires have proven their worth, and so may purchase the Legion Doomknight Gear with Legion Tokens. On Monday, a quest to create the Legion DoomKnight Class will become available. It will require 2000 Legion Tokens, as well as some treasures I desire. Bring me what I seek, and you shall be able to create the Class you want.

- Undead Legion Merge

Join the Legion
The Undead Legion are feared across Lore. You are deadly, evil, and look as if mercy has been ripped out of your soul. It has. Your soul is MINE! Don the armor and equip the weapons of the Legion and show the world you have no fear.

- Quest to Join
- To The King
- Undead Warrior Shop
- Undead Legion Shop
- Undead Legion Merge

Sepulchure's Armor
If you're one of the 1000 heroes who has unlocked the original Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor, on Monday you will be able to begin a series of quests which will let you unlock you can quest for the Legion DoomKnight Class, as well. This is a token of my respect for your tenacity and determination. I salute you!

- Legion DoomKnight Merge
- Legion DoomKnight Quest

- Dage's Dark Birthday Shop
- Dage's House Shop



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