Dage the Evil (NPC)

Lord of the Undead Legion, Evil AQWorlds & BattleGems Artist
Hi, I'm Dage the Evil. You may know me as the Lord of the Undead Legion, but my true passion is crafting weapons… in-game and out! You never know where I'll turn up bearing one of my newest creations… so always be on your guard!

Thanks to the vast amounts of dark energy and energy drinks running through my veins, I am working on BattleGems AND AQWorlds… Soon I will create gear for the entire world!

- Artist Showcase: Dage



Thanks to Apus, black kombat, Eldant, Fantabulistic, Mai Oniichan, Na Tra, Rich Wind, rickyb20, Rsrdaman, Satan clone 2, SlyCooperFan1, SirBlackAxe, Syudanco, Tendou no Mazo, Tux47, Velvex, Zyrain and .Shadow//

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