Dage's Dark Secret


«Hero confronting Vicenzo while Darkon watches»

Vicenzo: You offend me with your stench. Prepare to DIE!

Hero: Pfft. Do you even HAVE a nose under that helm?

«Envy comes in and takes Darkon hostage»

Envy: Say nothing, or I silence you now, forever.
Envy: You've annoyed my Master with your poking and thieving.

Darkon: I will do everything I can - give everything I have - to ensure Dage NEVER becomes more powerful!

Envy: Everything, hmm?

«Envy takes Darkon inside, and Brutus shows up»

«Hero defeats Brutus»


Hero: Did you see that?! Hey!! Darkon?

«Hero looks around for Darkon, sees his emblem on the ground»

«Change scene, Laken with Legion Infiltrators, turning them un-undead»

Laken: Your soul has been freed, my friend.
Laken: The Legion's darkness within you was a disease, and like so many deadly illnesses…
Laken: It can be cured.

«Scene fades»

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