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«Scene: Dage has defeated Future Dage»

«Scene: Close up of Dage»

Dage: How did you let yourself become this?
Dage: We've spent our unlives trying to become strong enough to defeat Nulgath…
Dage: …and now that you've succeeded, you've become no better than he was!

«Scene: Close up of Future Dage»

Future Dage: Hypocrite. Someday you'll be where I am.
Future Dage: What purpose is there in destroying Nulgath, if not to take his place?

«Scene: Close up of Dage»

Dage: What purpose? He controlled me! Enslaved me! Stole my very soul!
Dage: Freeing myself from such a tyrant is purpose enough!

«Dage takes out his sword»

Future Dage: And now, you'll do the same to me.

«Dage raises his sword»

Dage: The irony has not escaped me.

«Dage brings the sword down»

Dage: But it is necessary.

«A green soul floats up from below»

Dage: I know you can't be killed. But I can bind you to your sword…

«Dage proceeds to bind Future Dage's soul to his sword»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Laken holds Future Dage's sword»

Dage: …and as you keep it safe, he won't be able to escape.

Laken: I won't let this fall into the wrong hands.

Hero: What about his Legion?

Laken: He's no longer in control of their souls. They can do as they choose.
Laken: I'll lead them, if they'll have me.
Laken: Thank you both. I don't know where we'll go now, but…
Laken: …wherever it is, we won't be continuing Dage's reign of terror.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero and Dage in front of the SoulForge in the Underworld»

Hero: I can't believe we actually pulled that off!
Hero: Even working together - he had both halves of his soul! He had defeated Nulgath!
Hero: But we still won!

Dage: I was stronger than he thought. He underestimated me.

Hero: If you were strong enough to beat him…
Hero: …you might already be strong enough to beat Nulgath.

Dage: The thought had crossed my mind.

Hero: Is that what's next for you then?

Dage: I don't know.
Dage: I don't know if I should.
Dage: This future version of myself… he did confront Nulgath. And he won.
Dage: And it broke him. He couldn't see past his own desire for power.

Hero: So, becoming more powerful isn't your end goal?

Dage: I thought it was. But no.
Dage: There has to be balance, between the living and the dead.
Dage: The future we've just seen has shown us that.
Dage: The Underworld is mine, and I am the ruler of all who dwell within it. But…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Close up of Dage»


«Scene fades»

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