D Black Star

Star Shaper
Right! You go talk to Ki Sama, the Puppet Master. I’m going to look through my bag. I bet I have enough sunglasses for everyone.

Oh, yes. Puppet shows are a very popular entertainment in Nusantara, which is based on my homeland in real life. Ves and I are Indonesia-based AQWorlds artists, and this month we're honoring our country's Independence Day.

After completing the 'Thirst Quencher' quest:

Star Shaper
I am so hungry, I could eat one of Ki Sama's leather puppets. But it would be better to have a feast. It is so kind of you to help with the celebration.

After completing the 'Kala-mity Time' quest:

Star Shaper
Don't forget your sunglasses, my friend! Everyone looks cooler with them on.

Location: Kala (Location)


Thanks to Bad.

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