Cysero's Skills


«Hero and Cysero in Deadmoor»

Hero: Wait… if Mallora can't talk then how do you know her story?

Cysero: I talk to a lot of stuff that can't talk back… or shouldn't talk back, at any rate.
Cysero: I've been coming up here for about a year, on and off.
Cysero: Mostly, it's been a lot of pantomime.

«Change scene to Cysero talking to Mallora via pantomime, then back to Hero and Cysero»

Cysero: I used a few spells to peek into the past just to make sure I got the details right.

Hero: Why not just use the spells in the first place?

Cysero: That's not very fun.
Cysero: Besides, it's impolite to peek through time at people's horrible deaths.

Hero: Fair enough.
Hero: But if you could understand her, why didn't you just help her yourself.

Cysero: Oh, because I thought it would involve a lot of fighting.

Hero: Yeah… and?

Cysero: And I'm non-violent.

Hero: WHAT?!

Cysero: Think about it. When have you ever seen me fight anything?

Hero: Well, there was that time that you…. huh.

Cysero: See?

Hero: But you're a powerful MAGE! You have all this magic! Warlic fights all the time!

Cysero: Warlic is a trained battle mage. I'm a utilitarian mage.
Cysero: I use my magic to build things. To experiment and learn new things.

Hero: But… you have that huge hammer!

Cysero: This is not a weapon. It's a tool. I use it to forge my magical creations.

Hero: BUT YOU MAKE WEAPONS! That's not very "anti-violent".

Cysero: I forge the weapons because it's fun and I'm not opposed to violence.
Cysero: It has its place.
Cysero: I just think it's always more fun to think my way around a situation.
Cysero: Besides, YOU are out there fighting the good fight.
Cysero: Then lets me spend my time on fun and interesting things…
Cysero: … like creating beautiful, magical weapons for you to use…
Cysero: … and learning to talk to speechless ghosts.

Hero: is it a really bad sign that all that made sense to me?

Cysero: HA! Scary, right?

«Scroll up, cutscene fades away»

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