Cysero (NPC)

3-Dimensional Mad Weaponsmith!
See that tear in the sky? Yep, that's a rift between our Lore and the world of AQ3D. Their extra dimension is leaking out of it and causing everything here to inflate. I think I can flatten it all back out again, but I'll need to build an ADDING machine.

Adding Machine?
No, not an adding machine. An ADDING Machine -- an Additional Dimension Destabilizer and INertia Generator! A device that will calculate exactly how far back we need to set the Dimensional Dial to reset the world. Have you seriously never heard of this before?

Why are we building an ADDING machine if we're taking a dimension away? That's easy. It's because… hmm. Well, it's because subtraction is just backwards addition. Since we want to go BACK… we subtract!

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