Cysero (Golem)

Cysero's Workshop Orb Golem
Who woulda thought you'd walk into this place? Well done, you. I'm not sure I could have, but then, I don't have feet. And I was already here, waiting for you. You'll grok the inner-workings of spacetime travel; I can feel it. I get a cracklin' in my under-orb , when things are going right. And you, you're not going to go left. Not today, at least. Not if you've got your towel on.

What does that mean?
It means that you found the workshop just in time. You're going big places, Hero, and soon. If you ain't got your towel, then you'll find yourself up a timestream without a phonebooth, if you get my drift.

I… Don't
Anyone who travels through time needs the proper gear, or they're guaranteed to get lost. If you know Cysero, and I know you do, because he's got an Otherself here, too, then you know that he's the guy to have with you when you want to build a time-traveling phonebooth. And you? You definitely DO. So get to it.

Location: DF Lesson


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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