Mad Magical Weaponsmith!
Hiya! Welcome to my forge/bakery. Can I interest you in some of my latest experimental weapon designs? Or an experimental muffin? Actually, you know what's more fun? Why don't you just go around and poke things and I'll just stand here in the corner and watch what happens to you. Mind the man-eating baguettes.

I'm not just a one-dimensional video game character, you know. I have lots of interests beyond my magical weapon making. One of my many passions is the fine art of baking. One of my other passions is collecting whales but that's a lot more expensive than baking so I haven't gotten very far. In face, I don't have a single whale… YET.

Your Left Sock?
You want to know what I've done with your left sock? What makes you think I have it? Blaming ME for your missing sock seems like something a GUILTY person might do. Are you sure that YOU didn't take it? Alright… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR SOCK? Oh that's right. I have it. Somewhere.

All these class trainers trying to sell you on Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Intellect and Wisdom are fine… but if you REALLY want to have some fun you need some more RANDOM in your life. All MY Enhancements are heavy on Luck (which also helps you crit)!

- Reserved Enh Shop - Lucky
- Lvl 50+ Lucky Enh

- Cysero Merge Shop
- Cysero's Quests

During the 'Chat with Cysero' quest:

Mad Magical Weaponsmith!
You need something that can get in to the Center of Lore? Hold on, let me check my "Ways to get to the Center of Lore folder". No, I'm not being sarcastic, why? OH here is it. Hmmm. Here's a good one but it is labeled "DO NOT USE, you'll let all dirt out of the planet!". I wonder what I was thinking? I'll need a few Materials..

- Cysero's Quests

After completing 'The Spark' quest:

Mad Magical Weaponsmith!
While you go find the ingredients to make that growth potion I'll work on tiny controls and luxury furniture for the inside of the machine. That way, when we make it bigger it will be ready to go. It'l be like decorating a dollhouse that can withstand up to 7 million atmospheres of pressure!

- Cysero's Quests



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