Cutting Edge Technology


«Scene: Blackout..»

Daimyo: ARF! ARF!

Hero: Wow, so this is where the magic happens? The server room? Does it REALLY run on hamster power?

Daimyo: BARK! …Arf!?

«Power goes back up.»

«Screen shows Llussion.»

Rolith: I'm telling you, the hamster are unbalancing the load balancer!

«Screen moves to Yorumi.»

Yorumi: … And their wheels spinning out of sync is causing the hard drive to go crazy.
Yorumi: This shouldn't be happening! But we can fix it if -

«Screen moves to Llussion.»

«Box of hamsters *shaking*.»

Llussion: Hey guys?

«Box of hamsters' explodes.»

«Hamster stampede.»

Rolith: That's the third time this week. Finger. On. NOSE!

«Rolith, Yorumi and Llussion puts their finger on their noses except Zhoom.»

«Zhoom sighs.»

Zhoom: … I don't like them hamsters.

«Screen fades.»

«Screen goes blackout.»

Hero: I didn't believe Artix when he said that worked!

Daimyo: ARF!

«Scene fades»

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